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EBV, HSV, and CMV Might Cause Persistent Headache

HPV Symptoms Video Released; Gene-Eden-VIR is Effective HPV Remedy

Gene-Eden-VIR: Natural Antiviral Remedy Targets EBV, HPV, HSV, and Other Common Viruses

Dr. Norman Cohen, MD, Recommends Taking Gene-Eden-VIR, the Natural Antiviral Remedy

Study: Polyphenols in Green and Black Tea Kill HPV-Positive Cervical Cancer Cells

Having Sleeping Problems? Gene-Eden-VIR, a Natural Antiviral Remedy, Can Help

Study: Quercetin, a Gene-Eden-VIR Ingredient Kills the Cytomegalovirus (CMV)

Study: Smokers Have Increased HPV Risks; Gene-Eden-VIR Helps Immune System Target the Virus

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) DNA Test Approved by FDA Now Available in U.S. Market

Low HPV Vaccination Rates in UK; CBCD is not Concerned

Vaccine Against Shingles Should Not Be Used In Conjuction with Antiviral Medication

HPV Vaccine for Boys Introduced in Oregon, CBCD Skeptical

HPV Vaccines May Not Be Safe And Effective As Promised: CBCD Warns the Public

Can Herpes Outbreaks Spread on the Body? CBCD Answers

Free HPV Vaccines Offered in Canada: CBCD Questions the Value of the HPV Vaccines

What is the Difference Between HPV6, HPV11, HPV16 and HPV18? CBCD Answers Questions on HPV Symptoms and Treatment.

Can Kissing Spread Oral Herpes? CBCD Answers Questions on Herpes Symptoms and Treatment

New Model for Herpes Vaccine

Dr. OZ Reommends Delaying Gardasil Vaccination; CBCD Agrees

Alternative Approach for Herpes Vaccination

New Guidelines: Pap Test for Cervical Cancer Once Every Three to Five Years

New Nanotechnology for Herpes Prevention

Herpes Virus Bottleneck: New Target for Treatments?

Study: Herpes Virus May Cause Brain Damage

Is it Herpes? CBCD Answers Questions on Herpes Symptoms and Treatment

Better Understanding of Herpes Virus by Scientists; Gene-Eden-VIR Herpes Remedy

Research on HPV Vaccine for Already Infected Individuals Gets Funding in Australia

Barrier Contraceptives: No Perfect Protection Against Herpes or HPV Viruses

HPV Reactivation and Warts in Older Women

Gene-Eden-VIR: Herpes Remedy, Includes Flavonoids, Natural Ingredient Proven to Kill Herpes Virus in Study

Study: Activated Immune System Works in Some Cancer Patients

Cancer Patients Should Boost Their Immune System with the Flu Vaccine

Study: Cinnamon, Gene-Eden-VIR Ingredient, Is Effective Against the Flu Virus

Study: Latent Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) Infection May Lead to Heart Problems

New HPV Tests for Head and Neck Cancers

Study: Herpes Reactivates During Other Infections

Herpes Vaccine: Genocea Raised $30 Million to Develop Herpes Vaccine; Gene-Eden-VIR is a Natural Herpes Remedy

More Teen Sex? New HPV Vaccination Study Says No

Flu is Widespread; Gene-Eden-VIR is a Natural Flu Remedy

Scientific Studies Show that Green Tea is Effective Against Cervical Cancer

Study: Mononucleosis Can Cause Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Study: Herpes Remedy - PDG Found in Antiviral Supplement Gene-Eden-VIR Reduces Infection

Quercetin stops the Flu Virus; Quercetin is a Gene-Eden-VIR Ingredient

Obese People Are More Sensitive To Serious Viral Infections

Study: Cinnamon Reduced Fasting Plasma Glucose (FPG), BMI, and Waist Circumference

Genital Herpes Boosts Nerve Growth in order to Nest in the Nervous System

High Rates of HPV Infection in the Gay Community

Study: CMV Can Weaken Immune System

Should We Vaccinate Middle Schoolers Against the HPV Virus? What Do You Think?

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